Parkfield & Headstone Cricket Club News story

Jan- Update.

26 Jan 2020

Dear All members,

Happy January to All.

Now January is almost gone, its time to think cricket again and get those dusty cricket bags down from the loft.

Winter nets started at the Nower Hill School, every Sunday  between 01:00 to 03:00pm. please attend these indoor sessions, 2020 season is 104days for 1st game.

plus, key dates to note for key events.

1. 31st Jan-2020- Subscription is now due- please pay your subs ASAP.

2. 24th Feb-2020. It is expected that at least one member from each club should attend the AGM plus winners of the 2019 Batting and Bowling awards for each division 

3. 29th March-2020-Parkfield & Headstone-2019 Awards Night- ( dinner and dance at Neero's Restaurant) - Cost of the event to be confirmed shortly.

4.21st April-2020 Same venue, and all Captains from each club's XI should attend the Captain's meeting time and agenda to be confirmed shortly. 

we  will arrange a committee meeting 1st  week of Feb-2020 to finalise the awards night.


yours in cricket.