Parkfield CC

Founded in 1941 as Harrow Weald Boys Club by Steve Martin (The Old Man).

During the war certain members were not eligible for call-up and took over the Parkfield Table Tennis Club in Parkfield Avenue, off Headstone Lane, who were very short of members as most of them were away fighting. The main person at that time being Scruff Baker.

During the war Saddlers Mead was turned into allotments, but the cricket square was left untouched. After the war the previous user of the ground, Hatch End CC, based themselves in Grimsdyke Road so Steve Martin claimed the ground for Parkfield.

The original clubhouse was built in 1952 and Parkfield Sports Club became firmly established running cricket and football although at that time cricket was the biggest section.

In 1977 West Harrow Nomads were absorbed into Parkfield CC.

Headstone CC

The Club founded in 1934. The main nucleus was employees of HMSO Wealdstone, looking to move up to a higher standard of cricket. In 1963 the then Secretary, Percy Lanning, saw a '100 years ago' article in the Harrow Observer refering to a Headstone CC founded in 1863. This prompted him to make a subtle change to the club's 'history'.

For many years, the club's home ground was Headstone Manor. However in the late 1970s the quality of the wicket deteriorated: and the club tried several alternative home venues, principally the BR Sports Ground at Headstone Lane. This remained the home for a number of years until British Rail sold up and the club were forced out. A few more nomadic years ensued in which the club were losing money and players annually, until they were left with just a Sunday side and a handful of Saturday players and it was looking like the club may have to fold. Then came the lifeline.

Parkfield & Headstone CC

At the end of 2001 season Parkfield CC approached Headstone CC with an offer for a partnership between the two clubs. Parkfield were struggling to fulfill 2nd Team fixtures and Headstone had had to cancel their Saturday friendly programme due to a lack of players. The result was that from 2002 Headstone provided players to Parkfield thus enabling 2 league sides to continue and Headstone's Sunday side moved to Saddlers Mead to play on alternate Sundays to Parkfield's own Sunday team.

Since then the partnership moved from strength to strength and it soon became obvious that a merger into one club would be the best way forward. Parkfield's Sunday players did not buy into the new vision and left, but the void was filled by Headstone running 2 sides in 2005, a result of a highly successful recruitment drive.

At the AGM after the 2005 season Parkfield CC and Headstone CC formally merged to become Parkfield & Headstone CC.

In our first season, 2006, the 2nd team won promotion. In 2007 the 1st team won promotion. In 2008 the 3rd team won promotion.

                                                      PARKFIELD CC CLUB RECORDS                                             

     Highest Score:
                    275-4     v. Rickmansworth                      2004

     Highest Individual Score:

                           119        Ian Schmid v. Hexton                               2004

     Best Bowling:

                            8-20       Steve Jary v. Watford Town                   2001


     1st Wicket    196     Doug Napier & Ian Schmid                      2004

      v. Ickleford

    2nd Wicket   165     Doug Napier & Graeme  Overy                 2003

    v. Brimsdown

   3rd Wicket    160     Steve Jary & Doug Napier                           2002

    v. Hertingfordbury

   4th Wicket    179     Govind & Robin Willis                                 2004

    v. Rickmansworth

   5th Wicket    148     Steve Jary & Robin Willis                             2003

    v. Preston

    6th Wicket     90     Steve Jary & Vic Mayers                               1996

    v. Hatfield

    7th Wicket     61     Tim Garnons-Williams & Vic Mayers         2003

    v. Old Millhillians

    8th Wicket     107     Steve Jary & Gladstone Penny-Cook        1995

    v. Abbots Langley

    9th Wicket     100     Dave Nockles & Ken Stoute                       1995

    v. Hatfield

    10th Wicket     29     Jes Hindley & Victor Hunte                       1995

    v. Redbourn

                                            HEADSTONE CC  CLUB RECORDS



      Highest Score:


                            302-6    v. Old Centralians                                 1986


       Lowest Opposition Score:


                                24      v. St. Margarets, Edgware                    1974


                                24      v. Tokyngton                                        1984


       Highest Individual Score:


                              155      Ian Schmid v. Parkhead                       2005


        Best Bowling:


                           10-21    Gordon Bloxham v. Headstone St. Georges   1972


        Best Fielding:


                      6 catches    Martin Hadland v. Winchmore Hill  1991




    1st Wicket 234     Ray Bullen & Dave Rawson                     1986


     v. Hanwell lll


    2nd Wicket 192*   Chris Emmott & Ian Schmid                  2005


    v. Akademikals


    3rd Wicket 230     Ray Bullen & Riz Jamal                             1986


    v. Hampton Hill


    4th Wicket 182     Mark de Souza & Martin Smith              1986


    v. Old Centralians


    182     Gerry Bloomfield & Dave Rice                                      1975


    v. St. Johns, Kenton


    5th Wicket 119     Chris Emmott & Robin Willis                  2005


    v. Grimsdyke


    6th Wicket 112*    James Hodgskin & James Owtram        1996


    v. Butler


    7th Wicket 105     Graeme Ford & Craig Rivers                     2003


    v. Chairman’s Xl


    8th Wicket   73     Kamal Mistry & Robin Willis                     2003


    v. Iver Heath


    9th Wicket   69     Julian Hodge & Dave Sheppard                1997


    v. Belmont


    10th Wicket       62     Nim Patel & Miren Shah                      2005


    v. Pacific